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Each week I post a set of new songs (& an occasional concert series) – whether they’re brand new or just new to me. There’s no theme nor set genre, just a weekly collection of rad songs I think you should know about.

P.S.: Check out this series playlist (& others!) on YouTube.


—01 Michael Kiwanuka
‘Black Man in A White World’

With a combination of oldschool 60’s R&B with modern-day funk, Michael Kiwanuka’s soulful, honest voice is most evident here. Raised in London by Ugandan parents who fled the Amin regime, Black Man in a White World nods to old slave music before moving to beautifully orchestrated vocals.

—02 Sudan Archives
‘Come Meh Way’

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by 

—03 Eliza
‘Wasn’t Looking’

Have I mentioned how much I flipping love the COLORS Studio YouTube series? Today, I’d say the artists from there make up 70% of all music I listen to on a daily basis. The series ability to bring out some of the best performances never fails. This tune by Eliza is no exception. And quite possibly the sexiest video I’ve ever seen. Like damn girl. Lmk where I go to get just an ounce of that prowress? 

—04 Mahalia  
‘Silly Girl’

I originally heard of Mahalia through her saultry feature on COLORS, where you legit feel her pain through those R&B vocals. Silly Girl has a bit sweeter tone but with too good of a message not to share.

—05 The Dø
‘Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy’

Once I showed this to a friend who said the lead singer seemed “mental” here. But then I watched it again and thought, well yeah, but it’s that chilling on edge sound that makes this tune so good. French/Finnish duo so good.

—06 Jain

Trying to choose between Makeba or Lil Mama was way harder than it should have been. Apparently French born artist Jain, is well known with over 39M views on this video but when I came across her for the first time last week I couldn’t get enough. With it’s African undertones, Makeba is a tribute to singer, civil rights leader, Miriam Makeba and is a direct influence to her time spent living in the Condo. 

—07 Tom Misch

Told ya you’d see more of Tom Misch. This London based artist has some serious silky vocals to go along with his equally smooth guitar skills. I also can’t help but love the lyric “we’ll be just fine if we take our time” in the poppy chorus. 

Know any good tunes I should check out? Leave links in the comments!


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