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Best Work Tunes: Music for Increased Productivity

It’s some crazy times we’re living in folks. With more people now than ever working from home, many for the first time, we’re in uncharted territory. Figuring out how to stay productive at home instead of the office can be tricky.

One thing I struggle with on the reg, is finding the perfect work tunes to keep me focused and productive on the task at hand. Studies show that those who listen to music while they work, tend to complete their tasks more quickly and develop better ideas.

Although we can all agree music can be key to getting you through the work day. Not all music is treated equally.

These studies also suggest that modern popular music can interfere with reading comprehension and information processing. So leave the classics like Beethoven or even video game music for those tasks that require extra focus.

But for everything else, check my top best work music for productivity below separated by albums, live sets, playlist, followed by suggestions from other readers.

Personally, I’ve found mixes and playlists with conducive sounds to be the best for staying focused. If an album or playlist is all over the place, usually my brain is too. So check these out and keep on  grinding!

Check out these albums, live sets & playlists below for those tasks that need a little extra focus or creativity.

Top Albums For Your Soundtrack to Productivity

1. Dusk to Dawn

Artist: Emancipator

I fell in love with Emanciptors smooth violin-electronic tunes the first time I saw him in the forests of Suwannee Music Park. Today,  he’s one of my favorite artists to listen to while I’m writing up blog posts or hashing out freelance work.

2. Morning / Evening

Artist: Four Tet

I’ve been enamored by Four Tet for awhile now and while all his albums are superb, his EP Morning/Evening stands out most for this particular occassion.

With only 2 twenty minute tracks on the album, Morning/Evening brings listeners on a journey through electronic tones diffused between skittering drums. It’ll help you focus on the task at hand while keeping your ears tuned to the creative production.

3. Shikantaza

Artist: Chinese Man

Sooo bare with me on this one. It’s a little weird, and the album plays out as if Chinese Man is telling a story. Even trying to exlpain what Chinese Man sounds like is a bit difficult. Listen to this album for a bit of hip-hop, funk, dub, reggae and jazz all mixed together with a little Far East vibe. 

4. Awake

Artist: Tycho

Aptly named Awake, Tycho’s third studio album features more chill, calmer tunes to keep you sane while you’re slaying away on the computer or hitting the books. His ambient tunes will comfort your ears while the upbeat, colorful electronic  will keep you awake and focused.

6. Kindred Shadow

Artist: Pogo

So if music could be cute, Kindred Shawdow’s album Pogo would be exactly it. This genre bending album made almost entirely of samples is the perfect upbeat album to stay motivated.

Also fantastic cleaning music.

7. Kingdoms in Colour

Artist: Maribou State

Borderline indie, borderline electronic, Maribou State’s Kingdoms in Colour album is the album for you if you’re looking for a chill but still upbeat, warm electro-indie sound.

cool Live Sets To keep on in the background while you work

1. fabric presents Bonobo
(DJ set)

Artist: Bonobo

My love for British DJ and producer Bonobo is unyielding, he’s in the highest echelons of my musical favorites now. I was notified by Spotify that I was in his 1% of top listeners, lolz. I’ve seen him live a few times, most notable at his enchanting live set at Melt Festival and then closing out the Printworks stage at Field Day Festival in London with a hell of a DJ set. 

Although electronic at its core, his tunes don’t confine themselves to one set genre. Instead he fuses  the best of a lush, sometimes manic and melancholy but also beautiful and jovial sound together all in one. His DJ set at fabric, a top music venue in London, shows just that and is the perfect backing track to getting work done.

2. Sama’ Boiler Room Set

Artist: SAMA’

What popped up one day through a rabbit hole of YouTube videos, has now easily turned into one of my all time Boiler Room sets of techno goddess, SAMA’, playing in her hometown of Ramallah, Palestine. A place I’ve recently had the opportunity to visit myself. Spoiler Alert: I loved it just as much as this Boiler Room set.

3. Bicep @ Printworks

Artist: Bicep 

Before I knew who they really were, I first saw Bicep live in their hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Little to say, this concert was magical. They played in the same space where Led Zeppelin preformed Stairway to Heaven live for the first time. 

Their live set at Londons’ Printworks is the perfect work backing track of upbeat and sleek dance sounds with a bit of psychedlic color.

4. FKJ @ Salar de Uyuni for Cercle

Artist: FKJ

If you’re looking for some smoother tunes for your productive work day, check out this ethereal looking music video featuring the best of FKJ.

5. Folamour DJ Set Live From DJ Mag HQ

Artist: Folamour

Warning: this may cause you to get up and dance. Otherwise is a fun disco-electronic set to keep you in high spirits will you toil away on the computer.

6. DARKSIDE Boiler Room Set


Not gonna lie, this one feels a bit on the *ahem* darker side. Hehe, see what I did there?

But real talk, I don’t know what it is about this DARKSIDE set that I love so much, but it’s fantastic. Although a little eeire sounding at times, I always become weirdly productive when I throw it on.

Best Playlists & Mixes To Keep the Work Grind Grinding

My personal work playlist aptly titled “hustle hustle hustle,” you should hear me trying to tell my Google Echo to play a playlist titled hustle hustle hustle

Honestly all of Odesza’s NO. SLEEP mixes on Soundcloud are bomb ↓

My playlist for writing & editing, featuring songs without lyrics ↓

What Readers (a.k.a. my friends who have seriously rad music taste) Are Listening To while They Work:

Sarah J.

Product Manager, @saruhhjay

Amanda T.

Veterinarian Student, @_trefil

Arianna R.

Electrical Engineer, @ariannarajabi

Ryan D.

Booking Manager, @ryanmdenis

Tayler T.

PhD Student , @taytruh

Giri S.

Property Management Business Owner, @giri_permatraveler

Who are some of your favorite musicians for those weekday work vibes? Drop your suggestions in the comments below!

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Best Work Music for Productivity

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