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9 Best Coffee Shops &

Co-working Cafes in Istanbul

Admittedly before visiting Turkey, the only thing that came to mind about their coffee culture was tiny cups of super strong, Turkish coffee. But LET ME TELL YOU! Istanbul has so much more than the traditional Turkish brew.

The city blew me away by the amount of adorable and trendy coffee shops peppering every street corner.Even though Turkish coffee is a very real thing here, there are a plethora of modern coffee joints and co-working spaces in Istanbul to choose from.

Check out these 9 best coffee shops and co-working cafes in Istanbul below!

Top Coffee Shops and  Co-working CAFES

4. Journey Lounge

Neighborhood: Cihangir
Co-Working Rating: 4.5/5

Not only is the food delicious, but the second floor of this cafe is perfect for getting some work done. Away from the crowds coming in and out on the first floor, the second floor has long tables, smaller individual tables and a seating area that looks more like a living room than a public restaurant. The only reason Journey didn’t get a 5/5 on the co-working scale was because the internet got quite slow as the more customers filtered in.

P.S.: Try their version of manti here, a traditional Turkish ravioli pasta dish!

1. Tiyop

Neighborhood: Galata
Co-Working Rating: 4/5

Although there was heavy competition, I think Tiyop was my favorite Istanbul coffee shop and co-working cafe. Located in the Galata neighborhood, Tiyop is close to the famous Galata Tower and the bridge over the Golden Horn so you can check off some tourist hot spots as well.

The simple white interior with beautiful hanging plants made it a perfect atmosphere to get some work done. Each time I was there (I went multiple times because I liked it so much!) there were other customers toiling away on their computers. The long table in the back was my go-to spot with outlets to plug into.

2. Müz Coffee & Botanical

Neighborhood: Beyoğlu
Co-Working Rating: 2.5/5

If you don’t know better, walking past Müz you’d think it was an ultra trendy plant and decor store. But take a gander inside and you’ll see this is actually a coffee shop with barristers serving hot beverages alongside some plant friends.

It took everything in me not to buy a succulent and cute hanging pot. But then I remembered I’m traveling in a backpack and literally homeless (by choice) with no home to put the plant in lolz. Although the interior is fab and worth a stop, the minimal seating area makes it a little difficult to get work done here so it’s not recommended for long stays, but 5/5 for ambience.

3. Cuma

Neighborhood: Beyoğlu
Co-Working Rating: 2/5

Cuma is part restaurant, part coffee shop and visibly a local favorite. Located on lovely Cuma Road lapped with hanging vines and rows of antique shops, Cuma is a great spot to grab food for the day along with your dosage of caffeine. Although a great place to visit during your stay in Istanbul, I wouldn’t recommend Cuma for working as it tends to be more of a social atmosphere than a nose in your computer kind.

5. Cafe Note

Neighborhood: Cihangir
Co-Working Rating: 3/5

If you’re in need of a breath of fresh air and want to take an outside coffee break in Istanbul, then head to Cafe Note. The large outdoor terrace in the front is a great place to relax and people watch. Because it’s located on a busy main street, it could be a bit too distracting for those like me, who lose focus the second a doggo walks by.

6. Norm Coffee

Neighborhood: Cihangir
Co-Working Rating: 2/5

Speaking of doggos, this simple neighborhood coffee shop is right across from a dog park with a big window to watch all the puppers walk by. A win in my book and worth the stop just for that. The seating isn’t suitable to stay for long periods of time though, so I’d suggest Norm Coffee for just a cup of coffee while checking in on emails.

7. Proje Cafe

Neighborhood: Karaköy
Co-Working Rating: n/a

So this one I can’t personally attest to, but I happened upon Proje Cafe as I was already running late for a walking tour. The exterior caught my eye initially so I had to peek inside. The interior offered a super cozy coffee shop vibe and later found it also had great ratings online. Let me know if you check it out!

8. Poiká Coffee

Neighborhood: Sultanahmet
Co-Working Rating: 5/5

The only non-touristy coffee shop and co-working cafe I’d recommend located in the Old Town or ‘Sultanahmet’ area of Istanbul. With a very chill rustic-chic atmosphere, Poiká Coffee nestled in a little alleyway off the main road is the perfect place to crack open your laptop to get some work done in an otherwise ultra touristy area.

Two thumbs up for the good wifi, great coffee and delicious (cheap) sandwiches.

9. Cafe Elif

Neighborhood: Sultanahmet
Co-Working Rating: n/a

Long day of checking out all the historical and cultural centers in the Old Town? No trip to Turkey is complete without a taste of the world famous (and often copycatted) Turkish coffee.

The sun, as well as my eyelids, were starting to go down and I was greatly in need of a little pick me up. After exiting Arasta Bazaar, I veered over to the first cafe I saw and was met with the most jolly Turkish man who literally goes by the name “Al Paccino.”

I’m still not sure if he was being serious, but I couldn’t help but let out a solid giggle when he introduced himself. When I smile, my whole face tends to light up. It’s something that has been told me countless times on this trip and one thing I never knew to be thankful for.

Delighted that I was smiling with him, Al Paccino explained that so many travelers walk around with a sour face but he said he loves it when customers actually smile! Maybe because of where I was raised, but I was always taught a smile is worth more than a thousand words. You smile at everyone, even strangers walking down the street as a silent “Howdy do!”

After my conversation with Al Paccino it cemented the belief that a smile costs nothing and is the universal symbol that everyone understands.

Plus I got free Turkish sweets and tea after my coffee, all because of a smile 🙂

Do you have a favorite coffee shop or coworking place in Istanbul? Leave your suggestion is the comments below!

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Best Coffee Shops and
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