Travel tales for the wayward ones.


The Wayward Walrus was birthed through a not so healthy amount of skepticism, anxiety, boredom, and lack of attention to real life things. It happened one day while mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest (enter boredom here) and the expression “If not now, then when?”  was scribbled in typewriter font across some graphic, probably a sunset or a 20-something millennial doing a seagull-on-one-foot pose with a Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappuccino no whip cream just barely out of the frame becoming one with nature.

Yet somehow, someway those five words stuck like peanut butter in a dogs mouth.

While coming to the conclusion that the notion of “ready” simply does not exist, The Wayward Walrus unfolded like a fitted sheet in high hopes of taking over a sliver of internet real estate to fulfill the emerging generation of explorers refusing to live a life meant for others.

Now for an moment of deep clarity – bear with me. You can plan, organize, create highly detailed and slightly neurotic Excel sheets to prepare as much as you’d like yet, in my experience so far at least, you’ll never be 100% ready for what may come. That friends, is the beauty of the human experience. So instead of waiting for the opportune moment that may never arise, accomplish now what you’ve always wanted.  Don’t hark on the past, don’t long for the future. Do whatever you must to achieve success, no matter what success may mean to you. Experience the now before you’re resting in a porcelain jar on someones mantle or laid on a boat and set ablaze (for all my Viking friends out there).


From handy dandy printable packing lists and travel inspired recipes to destination itineraries and tricks for a on-the-go lifestyle, The Wayward Walrus is your resource to finding inspiration to experience the now and create your own adventure.


We’re a motley crew of young professionals, students, digital nomads, and even soon-to-be doctors. We’re explorers, dreamers and doers who seem to have their lives together on the outside (or at least some of us) but have the burning desire to run with the wild ones. The Wayward Walrus was created for the wayward ones, those who vibrate freedom, march to the beat of their own iTunes, and have a zest for life that extends beyond the comforts of home – and occasionally indoor plumbing.

Alex Final Bio

But I have to ask why the walrus…? While I’m fully aware much more dignified animals exist to associate with, the walrus will always hold a special place in my heart. With ties to my prevailing childhood obsession for the The Beatles, a life lived in a constant state of awkward, and an overall explicitly wayward existence, all other names paled in comparison. And thus the The Wayward Walrus echoed like a catchy pop song you hate to love. Buckle up and join me as I attempt to adventure into the world one small step at a time or… fail miserably and move back in with my parents (LOL already failed at this one). Either way it’ll be an experience you won’t want to miss.

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Brianna B. is consumed by wanderlust and truly happiest when traveling the world — having visited 18 countries and counting. Beyond traveling she is the ultimate food lover of all sorts and believes that bacon, avocado and cheese is the way of life. Brianna will travel anywhere and loves to immerse herself in the culture by trying all the local foods offered. When she is not working her full time job as a public relations manager within the culinary sector, or as the epicurean liaison for her agency (fancy word for food snob), she is in the kitchen creating dishes and trying new recipes. Her favorite thing to do is recreate different cuisines from around the world — especially from places visited — allowing her to stay connected to all the places she’s traveled to.