Welcome to the Wayward Walrus

The Wayward Walrus was birthed through a mounting amount of skepticism for status quo expectations and boredom of the environment I had surrounded myself with. Then one day “If not now, then when?”  was scribbled in typewriter font across some scoffingly cliche Pinterest quote.  Yet somehow, someway those five words stuck like peanut butter in a dogs mouth. While coming to the conclusion that the notion of ready simply does not exist, The Wayward Walrus unfolded like a fitted sheet. The mission? To fulfil an emerging generation of explorers refusing to live a life meant for others.

+ Continents

+ Countries

+ u.s. states

But I have to ask…

Why A Walrus?

The Walrus.

While I’m fully aware I could have associated with a  more diginified animal, the walrus will always hold a special place in my heart. With ties to my prevailing childhood obsession for the The Beatles, a life lived in a constant state of awkward and a seemingly wayward outlook to life’s shenanigans, all other names paled in comparison. And thus the The Wayward Walrus echoed like a catchy pop song you hate to love.

I could tell you I grew up in Orlando with airplanes flying over my childhood room, surrounded by tourists from every corner of the Earth. And wanting nothing more than to see where all these people were coming from.

I could then tell you how 3 months alone backpacking Europe changed my life and propelled me into my current state of affairs – a homeless by choice, young professional attempting to take on the digital nomad world.

I could tell you all these things and more. But I don’t think it would fully explain The Walrus. But here we are, about to find out anyway as I adventure into a year-long backpacking trip, figuring out what this world really is.


How to make a Wayward Walrus…

  • audio explorer
  • astronaut wannabe
  • practical
  • highly caffeinated
  • sandwiches

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